Who I am and Why I am doing this blog

A quick aside before starting, I don’t particularly appreciate exposing myself, but I have to do it properly, in order to welcome you!

My name is Berangere and I am a 25-years-old student in contemporary art studies, at Paris Saint-Denis University, including art communication and contemporary art market. In parallel with my studies, I do work missions in many contemporary art venues, such as fairs, exhibitions of foundations and short events. I had the opportunity to organize a small exhibition of young female artists and also to write many papers and dissertations during my studies, notably on Anish Kapoor whom I particularly appreciate and who seems too misunderstood by medias, from my point of view. I now attend my master degree second year and I do research on contemporary Chinese painting and performing art, a subject for which I have been interested for the past 2 years.

I am aimed by many aspects of art : artworks, phenomena, artists, market etc… the exploration fields in art are so various that I wanted to gather what interests me in this blog, by trying to create an original and inspiring web content.

What’s Wrong With Everybody ‘s title is based on Michael Dumontier’s and Neil Fiber’s artwork as The Library of Personal Messages. There are hundreds of explicit paintings that reveal how difficult it is for people to live in peace with each other and how difficult it is just to be, to think and to feel like a human being.

For me, art has been an escape since my teenage time, where my discovery of the world seriously affected my way of thinking and my actions. At that time, I used to go to exhibitions, without knowing exactly what I was looking at. But that gave me joy and enthousiasm. I just let time and curiosity teach me how to overcome the « complexity of art ».

Years are gone and curiosity has driven to passion. The art world, the contemporary art can be opaque and inaccessible for people at first, feeling them uneasy and rejecting. Through this blog, I want to help people to overcome these feelings. I want to help you to learn how you can truly and authentically love art, not by telling you what is good art or bad art, but by giving you tools, advices, facts and inspiration, based on articles, videos and pictures. I hope my attempt to share with you my own vision of the contemporary art, will be useful to get you out of the commonplace that contemporary art is just bullshit.

In my life vision, art is a link to peace, open mindness and spirituality. Everyone is free to look for what he/she needs. I consider places of art as sanctuaries, where everyone feeds his/her mind, heart and soul. This blog is my modest way to help and care for others in this messy society.

Personal Message, Library 1061, 2015